Tips On Choosing Your Perfect Hawaiian Beach Wedding Dress

Have you spent the last 239,384 days imagining what kind of wedding dress you're going to wear to your romantic Hawaiian beach wedding? Well, you're not alone!

Lets dive right in: Boho-chic with lace? Sexy and figure-hugging? Criss-cross backs or halter top? Capped sleeves? Glitter and beads? Your dress style options are endless and no matter what style you ultimately go for, your Hawaiian beach wedding dress is bound to dazzle and impress everyone on your big day.

That said, here are some tips to consider when picking out your perfect Hawaiian beach wedding dress:

  1. Fabric that is light and breathable: it can get pretty hot and humid on the beach, especially if you're getting married during the daytime with the sun shining directly on you!

  2. Length: we recommend a wedding dress that's medium-long to floor-length long, as beaches tend to get very windy. Unless you plan to do a Marilyn Monroe impression, you might not want to spend the whole time holding down your dress in fear of flashing your audience.

  3. Dress train: consider a a dress with a medium-to-long train. Just imagine how gorgeous that'd look in your wedding photos, with the ocean breeze carrying the train, and the train billowing out behind you. Guaranteed to impress.

  4. Veil: if you don't want a dress with a train but would still love to get that romantic, flow-y look on your big day, consider getting a wedding veil instead. When the wind picks up that veil and carries it behind you...ooh-la-la!

  5. Lace/beads/texture: highly recommended. Interesting textures on your wedding dress will reflect and pop against the natural beauty of the beach.

  6. Non-traditional bride? If you're more adventurous and going for a non-traditional look, you can definitely opt for a colored wedding dress (we're thinking an ombre/pastel pink Hawaiian beach wedding dress would look AMAZING especially if you're considering a sunset beach wedding). Otherwise, consider sticking with white dresses that pop against the sand and waves. Avoid: a neutral or beige-y wedding dress, as that might blend in too well with the sand on the beach, and you'll end up getting washed out in your photos.

  7. Off-shoulder/halter/tube/strapless/high slits: don't be shy and show off that hard-earned beach body! Hawaiian beach weddings tend to be semi-casual to casual in general. If you've been fantasizing about opting for a more sexy, revealing Hawaiian beach wedding dress, go for it! As mentioned, it's going to be hot and sunny on the beach, so as long as you make sure to put your sunscreen to good use, there's no reason to hold back on opting for a more revealing, sexy Hawaiian wedding dress.

That's all we have for now! Best of luck on your wedding dress search - we're certain you'll look gorgeous in your Hawaiian beach wedding dress.

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